About Us


The First Spiritual Church of Bay City is an open and friendly congregation that is non-judgmental about anyone who comes to worship with us.

Our philosophy is based on the “hidden wisdom” found in the Bible, which we see as a handbook to higher consciousness. We believe God is a pure love energy, not a personified being with human emotions like hate, jealousy or vengefulness. God energy is in all things, animates all things and is the creative force in the universe that allows us to “co-create” our earthly experiences. We call our philosophy “Divine Spiritual Metaphysics” Metaphysics meaning “beyond the physical” or spiritual truths of God beyond physical sight. Jesus taught in parables. They are the keys to the hidden wisdom in the Bible we have learned to look for and strive to understand. Reading the Bible is like peeling an onion; every layer of understanding is complete and perfect in and of itself. Every layer will feel “perfect” for someone seeking a closeness with their God Source.

We know we don’t have all the answers. No church does. But we freely share what we have come to know is true to this point. We are continuously growing, our understanding is continuously growing and in the words of Ram Dass “We are all just walking each other home.”

We practice the spiritual gifts that the Master Jesus said, “These things and greater ye shall do also.” Mediumship and channeling God Energy for healing are a part of our philosophy and gifts we feel are inherent in all people.

We know that we are all children of the same God source, perfect and individual just as we are, here in this time and space to work on growing as souls together. Come and join us some time!

Because of our building configuration we are not able to meet in person at this time. Our sermons are posted here under the Sermons tab; our responsive readings for each Sunday are on our Facebook page. If you would like to be added to our quarterly mailing list, either electronically via email or receive a hard copy in the mail, PM Rev. Laura MacLachlan on the church Facebook page.

In the new year we will be starting Seminary Classes at our Great Lakes Seminary for Divine Studies. Whether someone wishes to become a Minister, Energy Worker, Medium, Teacher or just take classes for fun, check out the Seminary tab for more information. Classes will begin on line; hopefully next year we can also be together in person as well.