Newsletter – Winter 2022


From the Pastor’s Desk

Important note: We will not be open Christmas Day or New Year’s Day so everyone can spend time with their families!

The season of Advent, Christmas and New Year’s is going to be upon us in a few short weeks.

Advent means “to come.” It was originally a 4 week period of preparation as the Earth plane moved into the New Testament energy with the birth of Jesus, a Christed being, who incarnated to further the spiritual progression of human kind incarnate at that time in history. Now, we celebrate it on a much more personal level as we internalize the arrival and celebration of our emerging Christhood. More than just a celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, we are preparing for the birth of the consciousness of a Christ within our own being. So, even as all around us we see so much hustle and bustle to buy gifts, deck the halls and party like it’s 2022, remember it’s also a contemplative time of gestation. It is from a quiet, humble place in our hearts that the seeds of our Christhood emerge on Christmas Day.

Then we experience New Year’s arrival. 2023 is a 7 year. A 7 year is a time to look inside of ourselves. We may find ourselves asking the questions, who am I? Why am I here? What is my true nature as a spiritual being? We will feel especially aware of the oneness between all beings. When we explore what it means to define ourselves as a spark of the Divine, the next logical step is to see that it is the same spark that animates all other beings! Can we not live and let live? Is violence not the exact opposite of the 7 energy? Has war and gun violence ever solved anything for anyone? When we look into the eyes of another, are they not mirroring ourselves? This will be a year to grow inwardly, step into our roles as both spiritual and physical balance and keep it all in balance energetically. This will be played out to a greater degree if your life path is also a 7. For your life path, add all the digits in your birthday together and reduce to a single digit. Example: 04/10/1955…4+1+0+1+9+5+5=25. 2+5=7.

In the winter quarter our evening classes will move to Sundays at 12:30 PM so in the deep winter months we aren’t on the roads late at night. Revs. Sandra will hold her last Thursday night class on 12/1, then move to the 4th Sunday of January and February. The focus of the class is moving toward Healing energies; feeling them, sending them to others, etc. Rev. Carey will be continuing the practices of Mediumship on the 2nd Sunday of Dec., Jan. and Feb. with Rev. Laura assisting if she is called into work.

Please plan to attend our Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, Jan. 29th. We need your input for planning our church year and holding of the elections.

THANK YOU to all who donated to our annual Second Collection for Family Shelter Thanksgiving Dinners. With everyone’s help, we have contributed over $1100 to the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission for their dinner program.

Our New Year’s All Message Service is back for 2023! But to limit attendance in case of a covid outbreak, attendance is limited to 25 people. There are tickets for purchase to attend. They will be available at the church. The date will be January 5th at 7 PM. Stop by on a Sunday if you want some.


NOTE: The church has a new phone number! 989-439-5577. Please note that the easiest way to get in touch with us or get information about services is on our web site or Facebook page as well as announcements on Sundays during our service.

MEETINGS IN WINTER QUARTER– The Annual Membership Meeting will be Sunday, Jan. 29th after church. We will hold elections for the open positions on the Board of Trustees and plan for the year ahead. The Jan. Board Meeting will be the 15th at 4:15 PM.

DIVINE STUDIES CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS ARE UP AND RUNNING A reminder that we have begun classes and have open enrollment for our certification programs! A milestone for our church! We are in our second year, but students can begin at any time. If you would like a handbook for the classes and programs please email our Registrar, Rev. Sandra Spyker. Her email is You can also email Rev. Laura at Our programs include Minister, Celebrant Minister (for those more interested in a Ministry outside of the church setting) Energy Worker (Healing modalities), Teacher and Mediumship. The first year, all students have 10 required “Core Classes” or Basic Unfoldment classes. We are also accepting Ordination by Sanction/transfer of certificate applications. All of this can be discussed with Rev Spyker. This might be the perfect opportunity to begin working on your path to getting the education you need for certifications from our church. We will need certified workers for the continued success of our mission to serve our community with a metaphysically based philosophy, including sharing of our spiritual gifts of healing, mediumship, teaching and preaching. We also accept Retreat students who simply wish to take Seminary level classes for their own enjoyment. These classes are intensive! They are in depth, serious classes to prepare students for the Ministry in whatever form you wish it to take. Long ago, one of our founders said “We must hit them with the same stick they hit us with!” What does that mean? Back then (in the 40’s) other denominations used to dismiss our church and its workers as not well educated about religion as a whole and therefore not properly trained! The “stick” was education! Knowing our stuff and being able to hold our own in conversations about the Bible, its interpretation as well as the principles and demonstration of healing and mediumship. This is exactly that.


Our Ministers are available for personal counseling. In our church, that can mean two things. Pastoral Counseling is available for your life challenges and relationships like at any other church. Additionally, we offer Spiritual Counseling when you feel you need a private half hour reading. Pastoral Counseling is a part of our ministry and is a free service. Private readings are paid to the Minister you choose to ask and cost $60-$75 depending on the person you wish to see. Contact Rev. Laura for individual contact information for readings done over the phone or via video meet up. Both types of assistance require appointments that can be made with that person. Our Ministers are also available for weddings and other special services. Ask about our flier outlining these services.

To contact Rev. Laura, Private Message her on Facebook or email Our email quarterly bulletins are now coming out on the church email account. Please add to your contact list of you receive quarterly mailing vi