Faculty Bios

Faculty Bios

Rev. Carey Barker

Rev. Carey Barker is a certified medium and healer. She is also a Naturopath Educator and Reiki Master Teacher. Carey believes that we are all gifted and divinely created. She believes her purpose is to help others to consciously become who they truly are so they can live their most authentic life.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Carey grew up in Michigan where she currently lives on a small farm with her husband Steve. Carey works in public transit where she can do what she truly loves: help people.  

Rev. Joy Fletcher-Thompson

Rev. Joy Fletcher-Thompson continues the spiritual lineage of her 2x Great Grandmother. As a child she observed her Great Grandmother read tea leaves and would overhear her mention numerology and astrology which led to her own interest in Spiritualism and metaphysics.  Rev. Joy followed her grandmother’s footsteps and served a Unity church in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  In addition, Rev. Joy served as the spiritual leader of Unity Church in Flint, MI.   Having taught many classes covering a variety of topics concerning personal development, spirituality, and metaphysical interests, she now serves as a hospice grief support specialist.

Rev. Joy’s ceremony ministry has resulted in over 500 weddings, many funerals, memorials, and baby naming rituals that inspired a self-published book, “How to Create a Ceremony Ministry”. 

Kirk Hall

Kirk Hall is a Carpenter by trade; Numerologist at heart; Kirk is the father of two and Papa to his 5 grandchildren.  Kirk enjoys gardening, camping, and spending time with his wife, Nancy.   

Numerology is Kirk’s passion, and he uses it daily.  Kirk feels that the insight he receives brings clarity to the world around him.   Kirk studied Numerology under nationally known Numerologist, John Davis.   He has completed thousands of readings over the years.  Kirk has been asked to do numerology on many different things; from a potential new home (the house number) to naming a business, a new pet or even naming a new child.      

Kirk expresses his excitement in Numerology by teaching us how it assists us in understanding the depths of our personality and reveals the way we interact with others.  Kirk enjoys teaching others how It exposes the lessons we have yet to learn as well as the challenges and opportunities that are before us.

Rev. Nancy Hall

Rev. Nancy Hall is a certified medium and ordained minister.  Rev. Nancy is a mother of 2 and devoted grandmother of 5 grandchildren.  Nancy is married to her loving husband Kirk Hall.  

In 2001, Rev. Nancy joined the First Spiritual Church of Bay City.   With the support and guidance received from there she embraced her spiritual journey. She has given hundreds of readings over the years, giving private readings, and serving from the platform at the First Spiritual Church of Bay City where she serves.  Rev. Nancy has been a guest speaker and message bearer at several metaphysical, spiritualist churches throughout Michigan. She is passionate in helping others in their own spiritual awakening and empowering them on their spiritual journey.  This passion is evident in her readings and in the various classes she teaches.  Rev. Nancy facilitates a group called “Spiritual Empowerment” and assists her husband, Kirk Hall, when teaching numerology.

Rev. Laura MacLachlan

Rev. Laura MacLachlan was Ordained in 2001 by the United Metaphysical Churches.  She is a Certified Medium and Healer.  Rev. Laura retired as UMC Executive Board President and Seminary Co-Chair/Advisor/ Instructor in 2018.  Locally, Rev. Laura is a member of the First Spiritual Church of Bay City since 1986 and currently serves as Board President, Pastor and Seminary Chairperson.

Rev. Laura loves to travel as a guest worker around the State of Michigan for other churches and organizations.  Her goal is to educate others so they can go on to teach the philosophy of Divine Spiritual Metaphysics in a way that builds bridges for all denominations as “All roads lead home to God.”  Rev. Laura’s areas of expertise is in teaching the foundational principles of our religion including Ethics, Literature, Church Administration (including Bylaws), Philosophy and Runes as a tool to Mastery.

Rev. Laura has been a Professional Horseman since 1974, training horses and teaching Hunters, Jumpers, Hunter Seat Equitation and Combined Training.  Additionally, she and her husband, Roger Schlack, raised, trained, and showed Registered Percheron Draft Horses at their Winter Creek Farm until 2013.

Rev. Sandra Spyker

Rev. Sandra Spiker is a lifelong resident of Mid-Michigan.  Employed for 29 years in the judicial system, Sandra retired as a probation agent for the 75th District Court in Midland.

Rev. Sandra began her journey with the First Spiritual Church of Bay City in 1997 and was ordained a Minister-Missionary, Certified as a Medium and Healer.  After her ordination she began teaching at The United Metaphysical Churches Seminary and held the position of Co-Chairperson for the Education Department.  Rev. Sandra retired her position in 2018 to teach locally.

Rev. Sandra is currently the Vice President on her local board in Bay City and serves as the Secretary / Registrar for our local Seminary.  Rev. Sandra looks forward to serving locally as a seminary teacher of Divine Metaphysics.  Rev. Sandra is excited that the classes are her favorites; Symbols, Interpretation of Scripture, Death and Dying a Hospice Experience, Animal Totems/Medicine Wheel, and Meditation.

Rev. Susan Wright

Rev. Susan Wright is ordained through Chesterfield Spiritualist College in Indiana.  Rev. Susan worked for 42 years in the Michigan public school system and considers herself a lifelong student.  Susan’s passion is in Spiritual Energy Healing.  She enjoys practicing Reiki, Healing Touch, Essential Oils and continues her studies in the many areas of Metaphysics.  Rev. Susan is a member of the First Spiritual Church of Bay City and serves on the board.