Reading List

Suggested Reading List for Personal Unfoldment

Andrews, Ted
Animal Speak, any others 
Brennan, Barbara
Hands of Light (then her others) 
Browne, Sylvia 
Any book (Journey of the Soul Series good beginner stuff) 
Burnham, Sophy
Any book 
Dale, Cyndi
Everyday Clairvoyant, her others 
Farmer, Steven D. 
Animal Spirit Guides (then others) 
Fiore, Edith
You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives                                               
Hicks, Esther and Jerry
A New Beginning 1 & 2 (then others) 
Holliwell, Raymond 
Working With the Law 
Millman, Dan
Way of the Peaceful Warrior (then others) 
Montgomery, Ruth
Search For The Truth (then her others) 

Moody, Dr. Raymond 
Life After Life, Life Between Life, Life Before Life                                                           
Moore, Thomas
Care of the Soul 
Myss, Caroline 
Anatomy of the Spirit 
Newton, Michael 
Destiny of Souls (then others) 
Roberts, Jane
The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth Speaks                

Robertson, Jane L. and
Metaphysical Primer:  A Guide to Understanding 
Deborah L. Hughes
Roman, Sanaya
Living With Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, Spiritual Growth                                                        
Samonie, Rev. Jay
On My Way Home 
Shinn, Florence Scoville 
The Game Of Life, then her others 
Taylor, Terry Lynn 
Messengers Of Light (then others) 
Wambaugh, Dr. Helen 
Reliving Past Lives:  Evidence Under Hypnosis, Life Before Life                                                           
Weiss, Dr. Brian
Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, Same Soul, Many Bodies, Messages From the Masters 
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Messages From Michael  (for soul age material) - With cautionary tale about Ouija board use