First Spiritual Church of Bay City Divine Studies Program Beliefs

The core beliefs of the First Spiritual Church of Bay City Divine Studies Program which began in Spiritualism have now grown into what we call Divine Spiritual Metaphysics.  We believe that we live in a mental universe as much as a physical one as described in Principle 2.  God Energy, purely positive, pure love, is the creative force in the universe.

A practitioner/student of Divine Spiritual Metaphysics is one who has a foundation of spiritual understanding and philosophy that God Energy can be utilized to facilitate healing, manifestation of our material necessities.  It is a question of beginning the awakening process of the dormant Christhood within our spiritual DNA.  As put by the Master Jesus:  Know ye not that ye are Gods?

Divine Spiritual Metaphysics is deeply rooted in Mediumship.  A Medium is one who is able to perceive vibrations from the Spirit side of life.  By discerning those vibrations and striving to become a clear channel for that energy, they are able to convey messages from the Spirit world, be a conduit for the healing energy and produce other phenomena as recognized by this philosophy.

The religion and philosophy of Divine Spiritual Metaphysics recognizes and celebrates the many spiritual gifts within all people.  These gifts include: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Transformative Energy Healing, Trance Mediumship, Apports, Automatic Writing, Psychometry and all other manifestations with the assistance from the Spirit world.  We work closely with our Guides and Teachers from the Spirit side of life.  We also recognize and honor the metaphysical sciences, which includes but are not limited to Numerology, Astrology, and other Divinational Tools.  

About the Divine Studies Program

Those who wish to be a part of our certification program will be asked to sign an Application and also become members of our church.  They will be assigned a Faculty Mentor.  The first year, all programs begin with the “Core Classes” which comprise the first year of study.

After the completion of this Core Class curriculum, students will go on to whichever certifications they wish to pursue, including Celebrant Minister, Minister, Teacher, Mediumship and Energy Worker.  The Celebrant Minister and Minister (Church centered Ordination) programs will allow the graduate to perform all the duties of an Ordained Minister.  It is possible to work on more than one certification at a time.

The school also welcomes Retreatants – those interested in independent learning and not certifications.

The First Spiritual Church of Bay City Divine Studies Program will consider credits from other programs upon review of the student’s transcript.  It will also consider Ordination by Sanction for those Ministers from other programs approved by the Advisory Committee.

The study program is designed for working people who can come to class on evenings and weekends as offered by the faculty to minimize the time away from work and family. The time line for completion is listed in this booklet but credits are viable for five years.    Exceptions to the five-year rule can be made by the Advisory Committee, for those who need a longer time period to complete their programs.

The First Spiritual Church of Bay City is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization incorporated in the state of Michigan.

Seminary Handbook

For more information about our educational programs, download our HANDBOOK.