Declaration of Principles

Our Principles(with commentary)

1. We believe in God, as the Infinite, Divine Source of all.

Rather than seeing God as a personified being, we believe God is a perfect, balanced, creative energy- and is characterized as pure love. It is the animating force behind all visible creation in the universe. It is incapable of jealousy, envy, judgment or any other human character trait—As Father Jay Samonie wrote in his book “On My Way Home” about those who see God as a personified being, “Your God is too small.”
2. We believe in the Law of Vibration and that we draw to us all our positive and negative experiences based on our own thoughts, words and deeds.

Our lives here on Earth contain life lessons which can seem painful and hard; unexpected illness or the loss of those we love when we least expect it. So many things ask us how do we walk through this with Grace? How do we overcome these dark nights of the soul? The answer lies in how we use our words, how we think about these challenges. We live and die by the sword…and the sword is our tongue. If we dwell on negative thoughts and give voice to words of defeat and loss about these situations, our visible life experiences will show us more of the same thing. If we look for the “God” in every life experience, saying, “Thy will be done.” Or, “Thank you, God, for the inspiration to know what to do next.” Or, “Thank you God, for my perfect outcomes.” We are putting positive God energy around our challenges, understanding that God energy is perfection. We are opening our hand and allowing that energy to work in our lives for the best of all outcomes according to Divine Order. It is the trademark of an old soul. We strive to expect what we want and give our energy to that, as well as wanting what we expect. If we only dwell on worse case scenarios or what we are afraid will happen, then we are actually magnetizing that undesired outcome to materialize even faster! We must be shepherds of our sheep (our thoughts) and be disciplined about how we “decree” what will happen next.

3. We believe in the immortality of our soul essence and that we carry our individual identities into the spirit after world each lifetime.

Our “soul” is the sum total of what we have learned as all the individual entities we have been through all our lifetimes on this Earth plane through all time. Our “spirit” essence after the change called death is that of our most recent incarnation. Thus, when we or someone we love makes their transition to the spirit side of life, we/they carry with them the personality and wisdom accumulated in this most recent lifetime, too. That’s why Mediums can detect spirits by name and relationship to you when you get a message or a reading. After a time of our life review, then sitting and learning with our guides and teachers, enjoying time with family and friends who preceded us in death, we believe we begin to plan our next lifetime. It will include how we will balance/experience Karma we may have created (both good and not so good) so that we “reap what we sow” from previous lifetimes, plan major life lessons for our next step in our soul’s journey to enlightenment and perhaps enjoy another incarnation with those from other lifetimes. We then begin to shape who we need to be for this next life. We choose our names, our parents, our birthdays and numerology charts, astrology carts—all the factors we need to have in place for our soul’s best life at this stage of our unfoldment. We also create sacred contracts with our guides and Teachers for the next time we will be part of the physical plane. We create contracts with those we will have deep relationships with as family or significant people in our next life. Not every move in our life will be “pre-destined,” but like road signs on the Interstate highways, we move through the life we plan making use of our free will to decide what is best for us as we watch for our major milestones along the way.

4. We affirm that interaction and communication with those on the spirit side of life are spiritual gifts within all people.

Everyone can develop their spiritual gifts, whether it be their ability to be a channel for healing energy (God energy), serve as a Medium between the two worlds for readings and messages and/or use their other Divine Attributes as demonstrated by our Wayshower, the Master Jesus.

5. We believe that all beings have the potential to be channels for healing and guidance as revealed in many world religions.

As Jesus said in John Ch. 14, “These things and greater ye shall do also.” As children of God, we are simply “dormant Christs.” We have yet to awaken to our full potential as Jesus attained while in his lifetime as Jesus of Nazareth. Some choose to develop their spiritual gifts in service to others, others might just know they feel departed loved ones around them and always follow their “hunches” when deciding what to do. We each have a free will to use our inherent spiritual gifts as we feel is right for us. The study of other world religions finds incidents of prophecy, healing, manifestation, “speaking in tongues” (channeling) in their writings.

 6. We affirm that the highest example of our soul’s evolution while on Earth is to live in accordance with the Golden Rule.

Many world religions have a version of the Golden Rule as part of their philosophy. In Luke Ch. 6 v. 31 we find it in the Holy Bible. If we lived by that rule alone, we would find love, peace, equality, forgiveness and compassion ruled our planet.
7. We believe that all souls will grow and evolve toward enlightenment through Divine Love and Order and will, according to the Laws of Karma, correct any errors committed here on Earth.

As we grow to understand how to live on the Earth plane with the consciousness of a Christ, we can remain in harmony with the natural and spiritual laws (Divine Love and Order) that govern all beings and avoid incurring karmic debts with others because of our misdeeds. However, the doorway to reformation is always open. At any time we can “repent.” In other words, stop doing what was causing harm and do something else. The Law of Karma says we will experience all the same good deeds and misdeeds we incur with others. However, the Law of Grace says if we admit our mistake, ask for forgiveness and make amends for what we did, then we will have balanced the karma caused by our actions.