All Services are currently suspended.

Sunday Services

Winter Hours (October to April)
2:00 PM Healing  2:30 PM Worship

Summer Hours (May to September)
6:30 PM Healing  7:00 PM Worship

Services Offered

Use of church for special service with FSC Minister presiding $100.00

Marriage by FSC Minister $250.00 (Includes rehearsal if necessary)

Dedication of child, during regular worship
Service $75.00
As a special service $150.00

Funeral/Memorial Services: Service only. See Minister for extra costs for visitations and home visits.
As the Church $100.00
Add Minister Fee $100.00
At the Funeral Home $150.00
With Graveside Service $175.00

Second Minister at any service Up to primary Minister Fee, depending on participation.

Other special services:

Wedding Vow Renewal, Civil Wedding Ceremony, Affirmation of the New Family Ceremony, and others, fees available upon request. Fees for Musicians negotiated separately with Musicians.

The First Spiritual Church is a full-service church which can assist you with any special service your family will need during your life journey.

Our Ministers are paid separately from the fee charged by the church for the use of the church building. Special services away from the church building should be arranged with the Minister.

All fees for the use of the church building are payable in advance of the event. Fees to the Ministers are payable at the event’s conclusion. There will be a charge for any damage to the church building as specified in the contract.

Our Ministers will meet in advance with you, in person or by phone, to discuss the service you wish them to perform.

Our services are in harmony with our philosophy of Divine Metaphysics; we will be happy to provide you with a additional information about our religion at the time of this meeting.

We have church musicians who may be available.