Who Are We?

Who Are We?  

The First Spiritual Church of Bay City first became a congregation in 1947.   In 1964, the congregation was part of the group of founding members of a new organization called the Spiritual Churches of Science and Revelation, later to become the United Metaphysical Churches.   We chose to become an independent church in 2018.

Our roots are in the Spiritualist religion, but our philosophy has evolved over the many years to include some elements of eastern philosophy.  Unique to our study of the Holy Bible and the teachings of the Master Jesus (one of many Christed beings each from many major religions) is the “Biblical Authority” we perceive to carry on his work using the gifts of mediumship and healing.  

Today, we see these spiritual gifts practiced in so many more mainstream walks of life.  We wanted to be sure for the future of our belief system, that there would always be a place for people to go to study and practice not only these gifts in service to others but also see the Bible as we do-as a Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

So, in 2018 a group of our teachers began building a training program within our church for those who desire to help others as Ministers, Mediums, Energy Workers and Teachers.  Those wanting to simply learn for their own personal life path are always welcome, too.

Our Principles, as found in this web site, explains our mission as a congregation. We are not a fundamental Christian church of “hellfire and brimstone”!  Here is a summary of those core beliefs:

1.  We believe in God, as infinite Divine Source of all.

Unlike the concept of a personified God, we feel God is best described as perfectly balanced pure love energy which  is the source of all creation.  It is unconditional love and creative power.  

2.  We believe in the Law of Vibration and that we draw to us all our positive and negative experiences based on our own thoughts, words or deeds.

This Earth plane is a school ot which we come to learn lessons which help our souls to grow and evolve.  Challenges are not, as some believe , “tests” sent by God.  Things happen here.  We experience illness, loss as many tims as we experience joy and perfection.  The key to attracting positive outcomes to our challenges is how we speak and think about them, which determines the energies we “infuse” into the situation.  “What you think, you create” as written by Neale Donald Walsch.  We strive to want what we expect and expect what we want; not speak in hopeless terms and visualize only negativity and then hope everything turns out great at the end.  This also opens the door to understanding that we are governed by the Natural, physical and spiritual laws of the universe.  As we allow ourselves to be consciously guided by these laws, we are promised a more serene way of life here on Earth.

3.  We believe in the immortality of our soul essence and that we carry our individual identities into the spirit world after each lifetime.

You are no less a spirit with a name and love for your family after you pass to the spirit side of life than you were before you left here.  Our soul essence, which is the collective personal Akashic Record of all our lives, is immortal.  We have the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve though all our lifetimes; each time striving to evolve into a more Christ like being.

4.  We affirm that the interaction and communication with those on the Spirit side of life are spiritual gifts within all people.

5.  We believe that all beings have the potential to be channels for healing and guidance as revealed in many world religions.

We believe all prophetic things recorded in the Bible and other sacred texts were a type of clairvoyance, clairaudience and other gifts.  There are countless instances of spirit speaking, angelic visitations, messages, Divine visions, materializations, healings and prophetic dreams.  All these, we believe, are merely mediumship being demonstrated.  

6.  We believe that the highest example of our soul’s evolution while on Earth is to live in accordance with the Golden Rule.

Everyone and everything is a manifestation of God as unconditional love, so we treat ourselves, everyone and everything with dignity, respect, reverence and love.  Whatever we put out, comes back to us.  Everything is a cycle.

7.  We believe that all soul’s will grow and evolve toward enlightenment through Divine Love and Order and will, according to the Laws of karma and Grace, correct any errors committed here on Earth.

Our perception can shift at any time.  We do not accept eternal damnation.  We can progress here, in the body.  We are as much spirit now as we ever have been or ever will be.  We are only encased in a physical body.  We can begin to progress here, continuing on the spirit side of life.  That is why we are not eternally damned.  We will not spend eternity anywhere.  The moment we have an awareness of progression, or the light of God, then we can become a soul that will move into higher realms of vibration. (Levels of heaven)

Conclusion:  The Metaphysical church is a church that is open.  We are probably one of only a few churches where you will hear it said that we do not know what full spiritual truth is!  We can only share what we know to this point in time.  Hopefully, in ten years or more, that will change!  For instance, some may believe in Reincarnation, some may not.  As we understand that, it helps us in our progression.

        The only thing which should be clear now is that we are not “mainstream” Christians.  We are more Mystical Christians.  We strive to study the esoteric wisdom in the Bible and other sacred texts as a handbook to higher consciousness.  We do not deny the divinity of Jesus, but neither do we deny the divinity of any other soul.  As we recognize this, we come to understand we are all dormant Christs.  We try to unfold that Christhood in our awareness of our personal responsibility for our actions as described in natural, physical and spiritual laws and to demonstrate that understanding through our conduct and our life here on planet Earth.